Buy/Renew KTS CampaignMagic
Evaluation version of the CampaignMagic software will run for 30 days with reduced functionality (like No of E Mail contact Limit). After the evaluation period,the software will get fully disabled except the Help Tab. You need to Purchase  ( Subscribe ) the software to make it fully functional. To subscrbe the software please do the following task.

1. Send the Registration/renew Request from the Help Tab of CampaignMagic.

2. You will get a mail with detailed instruction on how to purchase/renew the CampaignMagic Software.

3. Purchase / subscribe to one of the plans below.

4. We will activate the subscription corresponding to the E mail in which you made the purchase.

Plan A - 1 Month Renewal Subscription 10 USD

Plan B - 2 Month Renewal Subscription 20 USD

Plan C - 3 Month Renewal Subscription 30 USD

If you have any Custom Requirements simply Fill up this form below. One of our customer representative will be in touch with you soon.